MerMay – post block – Days 01 – 10


I thought it’d be fun to do #MerMay. I felt challenged by being part of the Comic Artists Unite Discord and then seeing Jen519 post about it on Instagram.

You’ll notice a sudden shift in quality as these go forward. I realized that the goal I wanted to accomplish was “completing” the challenge as in producing thirty-one drawings of mer-folk. To that end I have decided to worry less about the “quality” of the drawings over all. As in get them done first, get the speed up, and then if you like one go back and make it “gud”.

Hope you all enjoy!


From Deep in my memory

Sketches, Work In Progress
Raven Knight sketch 001.jpg

This particular character goes quite a ways back in my personal creative history. I came up with him … I think it was my sophomore year of high school. I have been playing with the idea of doing some mini comics and I have the basics of a short story featuring this character. I think I’ll do some scripting after I post this, see if I can’t exercise my creative muscles a bit.