Day Two


This was requested by a friend. It’s Chiana from the too brilliant to survive show Farscape. I made her face too wide. :sigh: Oh and there are some warm up sketches around her.


This is supposed to be Michelle from Evil Diva. I am not sure what happened … but it only sort of looks like her.


This is Nightcrawler bamph-ing with Collusus. Donno what happened to Collosus but he looks beat up. Um … yeah he also seems to be having some anatomy problems with is arm. I guess I’ll need to work on that.

Hello world! – Restults of first day


Here are the results of the first day – 03/12/2009


This is a early idea of what my Star Wars RPG character will look like.


Trying to think of what to draw next, my brain said “Shampoo!” I’m like great! Love do draw me some Ranma 1/2 stuff. “Brain, do you have a source image?” Brain just shrugs, “She has little balls in her hair.” So … yeah this chick looks nothing like Shampoo. I’ll have to draw a version of her some other time.


My wife requested this one. She said “Draw you as a ninja.” I said okay. 🙂